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Welcome to My FOOTDEE Ancestors, a site dedicated to uncovering where I (and maybe you) connect with Fittie and it's inhabitants of days gone by. This is an ongoing project to fill in the blanks of our Family History and follow connections to all the Quines and Loons of Fittie's past. Most sections are still under construction and the site is a work in progress but eventually I hope to share my collection of historical information, facts, figures and imagery which is continually evolving thanks to the research efforts of friends and family.

Family trees, general genealogy news, stories, videos and other media relating to My Footdee Ancestors will be gradually added as my corner of the web here evolves.

Fittie's family names are instantly recognisable to anyone with a connection and over time I anticipate that most of them will make an appearance here, in one form or another. These are a sampling of a few of those names and one's which I already have a connection to...:

- McCallum - Morrice - Main - Baxter - Walker - Watson - Smith

If you have any corrections, additional information, or additional media, please get in touch.


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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Latest News
05 Aug 2014: Upgraded the site to make it a bit easier to view on android devices. Still restoring each person, event and photo by hand and making sure it goes back in right place.

Feb 2014: Restoration of ancestor records underway, slowly but surely...

01 Oct 2013 - Lost everything with one click of the wrong button so having to start again...*sigh*

01 Aug 2013:Added a new Facebook page!

18 Aug 2011 - Added a Googlemap utility to show key places tied to Birth's, Death's and Marriages of individuals when viewing their entries. (Also works with photo's too...which I think is quite fantastic!)