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My FOOTDEE Ancestors
Frequently Asked Questions

Navigation FAQ's

This Help page will hopefully give you a short overview of how to get around and get the most out of My FOOTDEE Ancestors. It will hopefully give you the basic navigation tools needed to make your visit both enjoyable and informative without a lot of difficulty. Please keep in mind that this section is in no way a complete how-to guide, it's primary function is just to give a basic introduction to navigating around the site. There is much more functionality on the website than this FAQ section can cover, but it should be a good intro to the system.

If you don't see your question here and are looking for answers, please get in touch. Similarly, if you find any errors or want to make suggestions about any of the area's or pages please use the contact us link to send a message.

Above all else - have fun! Feel free to poke around; you can't break it.

Q. How do I find who Iím looking for?

A. There are a number of ways, but the search function at the top right of every page provides the most straight forward method. The advanced search form allows you to enter a range of information about the individual youíre looking for and presents you with a list of possible matches from the database, or you if you know the family name of an individual but not the forename, you could use the surname search.


Q. How do I find an individualís ancestors?

A. Once you locate an individual, the easiest method is to press the Ancestors tab.

AS can be seen in the image above, there is also the option to view an individual's descendants, relationships and a timeline depending on which tab has been selected. The last tab is 'suggest' - more on this later...

Once you have selected the ancestors tab (standard view has been selected), you can hover your mouse pointer over any of the little yellow triangles below an individual's name and see a drop down menu of all family members known for this person. From there you can choose to view the new person's individual page by clicking on their name, or view their ancestor chart by clicking on the pedigree sign to the right of their name. Whichever you choose will then open in a new page. By default the chart displays four generations, although this can be increased accordingly using the drop down 'generations' menu to the left of the 'standard' tab (just remember the page will get increasingly wider).


Q. What is an Ahnentafel chart?

A. The Ahnentafel chart (also known as an ascendants table) lists all the generations in tabular form, complete with all children and birth, marriage, death, and burial details if known. It is just another format in which to view an individuals ancestors. Ahnentafels are very good at presenting a lot of information in a compact format. [See the Wikipedia article on Ahnentafel for details.]  


Q. What if I want to see an individualís descendants?

A. The tab marked Descendants can be used to display the descendants of an individual. There are a few different formats that descendants can be displayed in. As can be seen in the image below the 'compact' view has been selected while viewing the indiviual's descendants. The views you can switch between are Standard, Compact, Text and Register formats. They are all quite self explainatory with the exception of 'Regster' which gives a more in-depth version of the 'Text' format. Try them out and choose whichever way works best for you. From any of these 4 formats you will be able to choose a new individual to view by clicking on their name on the chart.  


Q. What if I want to share some information about an individual or find an error within their details?

A. The suggestion tab on an individual's page allows you to send corrections, updates, comments or any other information you may have to the database administrator. Information on which individual you are referencing is automatically attached to the message when you make a suggestion using the 'Suggest' tab. The database administrator will evaluate your suggestion/info/correction and add it to the database in the next web update cycle if appropriate.  


Q. Is there a way to print the display without all the headers and icons and site graphics?

A. Yes, just click on the little 'Print' icon located above the control tabs (as shown in the pic below). This will open a new page in your browser, presented in a format that is simplified for printing.  

Clicking 'print' in the top right hand corner of this new page will send the details to your home printer to be printed out.  


Q. What are the drop-down boxes for on the upper right of the page?

A. These provide menus that let you access various sections of information contained in the database. You can hover your mouse pointer over each to see the options available. Click on the one you want. Note: Some options may have little or no information contained within their areas as the site is still in it's early stages. Updates are ongoing though so be sure to check back regularly.  


Q. I made a wrong turn somewhere...How do I get back to the home page?

A. Clicking on either the 'MyFOOTDEEAncestors' text in the header on every page, or the little 'HOME' button at the top left of all pages will take you home to the index page.