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Tracing my family's history and genealogy is my hobby. This site, My FOOTDEE Ancestors, is the place where I document the information that I have which relates to that. This is a fun place for me to spend time and get lost in the past.

I do not document any living family members. Why? Because privacy is paramount. I would not be happy to have my personal details listed on anyone else family history site (or anywhere) so I wouldn't do that to anyone else either.

You will see a 'register' option at the top of most pages but at this time registration is not needed in order to view the genealogy content here. At the moment the information I have here on My FOOTDEE Ancestors is accessible without charge to anyone if it's useful to their research purposes. I would, however, be very unhappy if the information, documentation and/or imagery found here were to be used in order to profit. Therefore I do not give permission for anything on My FOOTDEE Ancestor's to be reproduced either digitally or manually in order to benefit someone commercially or for profit. Whilst registration is not required in order to view the family tree's on MyFOOTDEEAncestors the images will require a user account in order to be viewed. If you would like access to the imagery here please consider registering an account so that these can be unlocked for you.

All of the images on this site are from my own personal collection and I have elected to share these with you only to hopefully enhance and further your own personal research.

Information and photo's may be downloaded for your own personal use. If you would like to share the information here with anyone, please direct other's to this site by passing on the web address ( so that they may obtain the information for themselves on the understanding that they too are bound by my terms of usage.

Regarding accuracy - I strive to ensure the accuracy of my research and as much as possible information provided is from primary sources, i.e., government records, vital records, cemetery records, etc. Other information provided has been obtained from a variety of secondary sources, i.e. oral family history, and has not necessarily been verified through official documentation. Please use all information with discretion in your own research.

My FOOTDEE Ancestor's is a work in progress and will be updated as and when I have some new, additional information.

If you have found a family connection here, or have information you think may be related to my family tree, please get in touch to let me know...I'd love to hear from you!




Restrictions By using this site, you agree to the following terms of use and any changes thereto:

MyFootdeeAncestors website is for the personal use of the family members listed herein. Use by others is limited to the purpose of genealogical research. The content of this site can not be used for any sort of unsolicited mail or commercial purposes.

Individual images may be copied by family members for their personal use. General distribution, including use on other websites, is prohibited by copyright law unless permission is obtained from the owner of the photo and the site owner.

Biographies and/or all other documents may be copied by family members for their personal use. General distribution (including use on other websites) is prohibited by copyright law unless permission is obtained from the site owner.

In the event of permitted copying or distribution of copyrighted material, no changes in, or deletion of, author attribution or copyright notice shall be made. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading copyrighted material.

You agree to give appropriate credit for any material from this website that you use in a written document, genealogical database, or website of your own. You agree to include a link to this site on any genealogical web page of yours that makes use of the content found on this site.

Finally, thanks for visiting :D